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Me and Adelle: The Power of Nutrition

Updated: Jul 7

When I was 12, I picked up a book near my mom's art stand. It was Adelle Davis's "Let's Get Well." My mom was big into healthy food and yoga, so finding random art and health books across the house was not unusual. My mom also had a big record collection, so listening to or taking a peek at what she was consuming made me feel close to her in some way.

We lived in Laguna Beach then, and I was commuting to LA for auditions. Soon, we would be living in LA full-time. I remember going with my dad to a small health food store called Erewhon. It was small, cheap, and deserted. When I was growing up, it was not cool to seek anything alternative. you would be labeled as a “health nut” if you questioned the current narrative regarding the all-American diet.

I found Adelle's book when I recently moved into a new house.  It was at the bottom of a cardboard box filled with old journals, a blender, and poems by Bukowski. It was quite a bundle!  I dusted it off and placed it on my bedside table. I have had a chance to re-read it. I had to revisit my current health protocol and make dietary and supplement changes. There is so much information out there and although My health issue is complex, I try to keep it simple.. I want to share my protocol and the science of links that would be helpful for you

Thanks, Grandma Fuffy and Mom for always being a "hippie at heart" I will post my supplement list as well as how I move my body every day in the next post

I will leave you with links to the leaders in the field of health that I consider old trailblazers. Tried and True.

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